Burglary Charges

One of the most common criminal charges is burglary. It is a very serious offense that carries severe penalties.

Police pursue suspected burglars aggressively. If you’ve been charged with this offense, you need an experienced attorney to help you mount an effective defense. AR Law Group may be able to help you with your case.

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What is Burglary?

A burglary involves all of the following elements:

  • Entering a facility, structure, or separately secured or occupied part of a structure
  • During a time when it is not open to the public
  • Without permission
  • With the intention to commit a crime inside

    Often, people think of burglary as a crime that is similar to theft. While it is true that you can commit a burglary if you break into a building with the intent to commit theft inside, burglary also occurs if you break into a building with the intent to commit other crimes inside as well. It is also burglary to remain in that place surreptitiously with the knowledge that you don’t have permission to do so.

    The statute also defines burglary as trespassing on property owned by a utility company where there is a publicly-posted notice that prohibits trespassing, even though you don’t intend to commit any other crimes on that property.

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