AR Drug Attorney

Despite some wide spread drug use in various areas of Pakistan, the penalty for drug offences tends to be quite severe, and does include the death penalty. Even possessing small quantities of “soft” drugs for personal recreational purposes can result in long jail sentences, heavy fines, deportation or all of them at once.

Serious drug offenses in New Jersey are those that involve the manufacturing, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute CDS. These are usually considered indictable offenses with greater penalties. Similar to possession charges, manufacturing and distribution charges also depend on the amount of the substance involved. Additionally, the location of the arrest may also result in more severe penalties.

Possible Defenses to Drug Charges

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you determine whether you have any viable defenses to the drug charges you are facing. These defenses may include:

  • Lack of probable cause for the initial stop and/or arrest
  • Whether the search or seizure was legal
  • Whether the police satisfied the requirements for a search warrant
  • Whether the police satisfied chain of custody for any evidence that they seized when you were arrested
  • Whether the police lab properly administered tests

    AR Law Group has a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys who have decades of combined experience defending people in Pakistan. We will analyze every aspect of your case and invoke all potential defenses that are available.